Sunday links to book-related stories you may have missed

One of the rituals of Sunday mornings used to be reading a big, fat Sunday newspaper with an arts & entertainment section. Those days are mostly gone, since we read newspapers online and many arts sections have been shut down. In the spirit of those good old days of the Book Section, here are some articles and posts worth your while. And since they’re online, you can read them at home, at brunch/lunch, at the park, or wherever you happen to be relaxing on this March Sunday.

Photograph © Brett Simison

Rebecca Makkai on the most underutilized tool in fiction: setting (Lit Hub’s The Craft of Writing newsletter)

Rebecca Makkai: Dispatches from the Road (2/25/23)

Anne Helen Peterson on Demon Copperhead (2/26/23)

Photograph © Beowulf Sheehan

Christina Baker Kline – Women’s History Month roundup

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2023 Morning News Tournament of Books

Women in Film (Women’s History Month)

Six books by women that have been PEN America Literary Awards winners or finalists


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