THE COLOR OF ICE: A woman’s journey of awakening to her true self

By guest reviewer Debra Thomas, author of Luz

Barbara Linn Probst has done it again with her third—and best—novel about a woman’s journey of awakening to her true self.

In this case, Cathryn is a photographer who has set aside her artistic pursuits to focus on taking pictures of other people’s art—a means of supporting herself after her unfaithful husband dies and she is left to raise their two children. The novel begins years later when her children are now young adults, leaving her able to take on a freelance job in Iceland, photographing a glassblowing artist, Mack, and the stunning ice forms he is trying to recreate.

If the greatest relationships are those that help us become the best version of ourselves, then Cathryn and Mack find that in each other. This is not a cozy romance, but one that leads to facing painful truths as fragile hearts are reopened. Beautifully written with tenderness and sensuality, this is a love story that will leave the reader with a heart full of both sadness and joy.

The descriptions of Iceland are as stunning as the book’s cover. The details of glassblowing are fascinating. And finally, Cathryn’s equally important relationship with each of her children transforms as well, as both son and daughter, on their own journey to self, face challenges and grow as individuals.

This is a novel to savor and share.

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