My Favorite Book Covers of 2021

These books are as pleasing to look at as they are to read. They’re worth facing out on your bookshelves. (Credits for some books are missing because I received advance review copies, which often lack that information, or I don’t yet have a copy of the book. Feel free to message that information to me.)

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Illustration: Ping Zhu
Design: Martha Kennedy
Photo: Bud Glick
Design: Linda Huang
Design: Jonathan Bush
Artwork: Jeremy Miranda Design: Jaya Miceli
Design: Kimberly Glyder
Design: David Lipman
Design: Richard Ljoenes
Design: Phillip Laibacher
Flower art:
Yulia Mladich/Shutterstock
Design: Sara Wood
Design: Vi-An Nguyen
Design: Emanuele Ragnisco
Art: Hugo Henneberg,
Night Scene – Blue Pond (1904)
Design: Sarahmay Wilkinson Illustration: Florilegius/Bridgeman Images

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