Amazon releases most-highlighted excerpts from 2013-14 novels by women

The Interestings   Americanah

Amazon’s Kindle division recently issued a list of the 17 most-highlighted excerpts from books written by women in the past two years. For Amazon, publishers, and authors, the Kindle provides a ton of data about readers’ preferences. For readers, this may seem like an invasion of privacy; certainly, Amazon doesn’t know what you’ve highlighted or flagged on the actual books you’ve purchased from them.

Still, it can make for some interesting reading, like this list, which was covered by earlier this week. Not surprisingly, the most-highlighted authors included bestsellers and award-winners by the likes of Meg Wolitzer, Jhumpa Lahiri, Eleanor Catton, Chimamanda Ngochi Adichie, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Donna Tartt. But you might be surprised by some of the other oft-noted quotes.



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