Weekend links to articles about books and authors

Every now and then I share a collection of links to recent articles and interviews that I think will be of interest to readers of a blog about literary fiction by women. With our busy lives, when we’re trying to find time to read books, it’s easy to miss good stories published by the thousands of publications and websites out there.

‘Breasts and Eggs’ Made Her a Feminist Icon. She Has Other Ambitions.

Will the Japanese novelist Mieko Kawakami’s stark explorations of class translate to American readers?

Laura Warrell on Publishing While Black

“What’s key is not that authors of color talk about race the ‘right’ way, but simply that we’re here.”

Laura Warrell on Publishing While Black

By the Book: Rebecca Makkai Wishes More Novelists Would Write About People’s Jobs

How To Read More Diversely Consistently

If you want to read diverse books but are unsure how to start, or you want more tips.


The Etiquette of Giving Books

Can you read it before you give it away?

A Lost Interview with Clarice Lispector

The longest and most wide-ranging interview that the great Brazilian author gave, here translated and published for the first time.



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