Huffington Post on 10 women who didn’t publish until they were over 40

RobinBlack2014     mira-jacob  lydia netzer

Left to right: Robin Black, Mira Jacob and Lydia Netzer


Today’s must-read. Kudos to RHLAOB faves Robin Black, Rachel Cantor, Mira Jacob, and Lydia Netzer! I’ve heard only good things about Marian Palaia and Claire Fuller. You all know Elizabeth Strout as the author of Olive Kitteridge, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2009, and Amy and Isabelle, her debut in 1998; her latest novel is The Burgess Boys (2013).


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  1. Although I think 40 is still young, I do like these articles b/c they remind me that people have different paths. I signed with my literary agent at age 40 and we’ll see what happens next. My day job is a lawyer so that’s my “excuse” for taking so long. It’s all good. In any event, this is a list of very talented authors and I’ve enjoyed many of their books. As for the others, I’m off to put them on my TBR list!


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