Sunday Sentence: SAND QUEEN by Helen Benedict

Sand Queen

Author and blogger David Abrams has created a hashtag/trend of posting the best sentence you read in the past week. Go to #SundaySentence on Twitter to see a great collection of sentences (if you go in for that sort of thing).

Here’s mine for the week of Feb. 16-22:

“We work twelve-to-fifteen-hour shifts, and even so I can never sleep; it’s too damn hot and I’m sharing a tent with thirty-three snoring, farting members of the male sex, not to mention the prisoners only a few meters away, chanting and screaming all night long.”

— Helen Benedict, Sand Queen (Soho Press, 2011), pp. 6-7 (the story of 19-year-old Kate Brady’s experiences as a soldier in Iraq in 2003)


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