On why this blog needs to exist

From an interview with Alice Munro and her longtime publisher, Douglas Gibson, after she won the Trillium Award for “Dear Life” on June 18.


Gibson: You have the amazing story of being at a cocktail party in Vancouver, where a professor said loudly and confidently, ‘Of course, I never read fiction by Canadians.’

Munro: Yes, that’s what he said!

Gibson: And that was regarded as a normal thing to say. Is anyone saying that aloud today?

Munro: Yes, that proved, to him, that he was a ‘serious’ person. And I think the same thing would apply to women. I remember lots of times hearing a man say, ‘Of course, I never read anything written by a woman.’

Gibson: Really?

Munro: Oh sure!

Post: Did you take it personally?

Munro: No. But I thought that’s the kind of jerk he is, that’s all.


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